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    From “The Beat Dispensary” saga, to “Presidential Candidate - NUGLIFE 2020”,  the underground L.A. super-producer/taste-maker returns, inviting listeners into a new era of NugLife with his 4th collaborative project “Smoke Signals”.  Providing nothing less than High Def quality production, we dive into the many layers of the NugLife soundscape alongside razor sharp lyricism by fellow collaborators & NugLife himself. Featured artists include AKTHESAVIOR, FrankieOG, Vel the Wonder, Dizzy Wright, XP The Marxman, The Musalini, Cashy Kesh Dolla & more.…With the producer also telling his story on select tracks such as “Long Run” & “Smoke Signals” (intro track) where Nug’s displays a museum of sound, dedicated to his indigenous / Kumeyaay heritage as a “City Native Kid” to kick off the project. Per usual, Nug's provides a variety palette of musical canvases, with consistent colorful sample selection, smoke-filled bars from collaborators & fearless artistry in every track...


     As a good book should be read from front to back & a classic movie watched from beginning to end, NugLife provides another “fully ride-able” album, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats, with his utopia of sound, displaying the many branches of NugLife from beginning to end...




     LA based producer NugLife unveils the production masterpiece, "Spittin' Waves" alongside none other than hip hop queen, Vel the wonder, with a surprise appearance by New York’s very own, Rome Streetz, to create this gritty boom bap super-collab. Featuring witty lyrics by Vel, accompanied with vicious bars by Rome Streetz, this is one of the grimiest releases in NugLife’s latest releases for 2021. Displaying ominous melodics sample chops & hypnotic heavy drum patterns, alongside top shelf MC's, this track resonates & echoes the roots of hip hop, with a new age twist. Spittin' Waves gives you an essence of true inner city gutter music, rags to riches lifestyle, displayed through art, for the hustlers, artistic creatives, enthusiasts & those who enjoy the soundscape that we provide. 

Cover Artwork: @VMR.3 - LA based artist , painter & creative originally from the East Coast & on the avid uprise.. Also responsible for many other artworks within the NugLife catalogue like, "The Beat Dispensary" , "The Love Dispensary 2", "Sigils", and many more...



   In a forever developing digital world, we have a seamless connection with everyone, anywhere... Yet it comes with some cloudy & blurred side effects at times. NugLife cuts through that fog with this elevated & uplifting stoner mantra. Produced & performed by Nug's, the young producer/artist showcases a soulful & colorful spectrum of sound through the calculated production chops, to the bars & lyricism full of light. As a sequel to the first "Love Dispensary" track, we continue on a journey of self love, looking inward, along with some top shelf smoke clouds in the process. A rather short but potent track, just a little over 2 minutes in play time, it's safe to say that this is the beginning teaser of another "Beat Dispensary" project, letting the saga continue...

Cover Art : @VMR.3 - East coast native, currently based in LA. Togther VMR & Nug's decided on continuing the subtle and subimlinal creative direction of "The Beat Dipsensary" series. Passing the torch creatively from project to project, carrrying similarties through not only the music, but in the cover art as well.




  NugLife & East L.A, / Boyle Heights native "Viva Mescal, combine forces to bring you this lead single "MORE GEMS" off of their debut collab project "The Ballad of el Huero" coming this Spring 2021. NugLife invites Viva Mescal into a vast new world of production palettes while Mescal preserves the roots of hip hop stylistically through lyrical wordplay & story telling over the soulful, yet gritty production choices. Embarking on a journey that resonates a similar feeling to the Noa James & NugLife collabs from 2019, were expecting a huge year from the two creatives all 2021 long. Make sure to give Viva Mescal a follow @vivamescal as well as subscribe to our website email list for any project updates or exclusive releases to be announced before social media for or VIP following.



Cover Artwork: @ASIMSART - Texas based artist "A. Sims", originally from Mississippi, known for his signature iconic use of net-expressionism in his works.  

     NugLife teams up with Florida rap legends, "Cashy Kesh Dolla & Yung Simmie", to release their new single "Good Pack". Shifting into high gear this 2021 with a collaboratively new avante-gaurd sound. Dislpaying vintage melodies with a heavy 808 bass driven instrumental, executively produced by NugLife, co-produced by Cashy Kesh & DJ Gonzo, this track dives into the eclectic & explorative side of the NugLife catalogue. With Cashy Kesh, harnessing his colorful personality through words, twacky cartoon sounding adlibs & radiating his player ambiance through out the song. Setting up the perfect lay-up for Yung Simmie to come in and execute, with yet another prolific verse, full of smoked out bars amplifying the energy of Cashy. This is also one of Simmie's most recent releases following up his debut independent release, "Shut Up and Vibe 3". 

Cover Artwork: @ASIMSART - Texas based artist "A. Sims", originally from Mississippi, known for his signature iconic use of neo-expressionism in his works. Also created "NO NEW FRIENDS" cover artwork... 






  In a time of world chaos and revolution, Rocky G & NugLife an underground classic album, rooted in personal heritage, while also giving off an urban gutter hip hop essence mixed with jazz and other genre cutting surprises. As long time collaborators, Rocky G & NugLife have both grown enormously as artists in their independent uprising. From Rocky G playing saxophone and performing with the likes of Sol Development, Ruby Ibarra & Beat Rock affiliates. To NugLife collaborating with Noa James, Self Provoked, The Underachievers, also linking AKTHESAVIOR & Rocky G on his debut "The Beat Dispensary" project in 2019. As a musical duo, Rocky G & NugLife display brotherhood, creative freedom, & a sense of soul from two creative underdogs ahead of their time.  Cover Artwork: Nite Owl (@Naito_Oru) & Ham (@Staybacon)

In partnership with Astig Sound, we are also very proud to present our first physical vinyl record release. 

Pre-order vinyl now


     Prod by NugLife, featuring L.A. underground rap legends, Self Provoked, Vel the Wonder & Blu (Blu & Exile), the new single "Sigils", kicks off the summer with poolside vibes & witty bars over a vibrant instrumental. This collaboration gives an avant-garde yet rooted hip hop essence with a production twist by NugLife, dropping a gritty "boom bap" beat in-and-out of the melodies. Also diving into the chaotic mind of Self Provoked, expressing the madness of the current world, also displaying romantic bars, with a chorus full of romantic attitude and style from both Vel & Self lyrically. The legendary Blu, closes out the last verse on a sensual note, using his tongue twisted song writing, overall making this an underground super-collaboration for the culture & a record to be played on repeat in years to come.



"NUGLIFE 2020" : A museum of sound, giving  vibes of the current times...

nuglife 2020 #2.psd (VINYL 2).png DISTRO

      LA based producer, NugLife releases his debut project "NUGLIFE 2020" giving you "vibes of the current times" right on time for the 420 holiday. NugLife and collaborators present a soundscape of political truths, stoner vibes, and overall musicianship as a producer, featuring underground acts such as Rocky G, The Underachievers, Self Provoked, Blu & Med, Planet Asia, Vel The Wonder, & more. As a follow up project from last years releases "The Beat Dispensary" & "Summer of Nug's",  the stoner saga continues on a very high note in these times of pandemic, chaos, and confusion in the world. NugLife and collaborators provide a shared utopia through sound to listeners, with illustrious album artwork stamped with the seal of approval by graffiti artist & running-mate, "NITE OWL". The project is now available for stream & download on all digital platforms near you..

      On Friday March 13th, L.A. based producer, NugLife, releases his 3rd single "All I Wanna Do" for the debut producer project "NUGLIFE 2020" which is scheduled for release April 20th. The anticipated project has notable producer/artist collaborations with the likes of Issa Gold, Yung Simmie, Planet Asia, Vel the Wonder, and many more underground household names to be announced. There is one minor, but major difference with this single from the entire project. This unique track features both production & vocals from the producer "NugLife" himself. On this potent single, Nug's takes you into the world of the stoner producer, his perspectives, & an overall musical high through lyric and composition. This track touches on the similar psychedelic sounds, inspirations and lyricisms of The Beatles & Jimi Hendrix, with a modern hip hop stylistic twist that you'd expect from NugLife. "All I Wanna Do" is currently the creme of the crop in avante-guarde music coming out of the West Coast underground scene. Artwork: A Sims




     Launching off the New Year on a very lit note, "No New Friends" is the 2nd follow up single for the "NugLife 2020" producer project, which is anticipated to drop this Spring from LA based producer, NugLife. This new track brings you a classic rugged gritty flow from Florida legend Yung Simmie, along side grimey strings & heavy bass, showing listeners the more “turnt up” side to Nug's production spectrum. Simmie & Nug's meet halfway with their styles & genres on this track, to present a collaborative gem for the underground trap scene.



   All new single "With You" brought to you as a product of the "NugLife Freestyle Challenge" that was held this past October. After winning the challenge, J Soulstice and I got the chance to hold a studio session where I delivered him his "free" prize winning NugLife instrumental of choice. He brought witty lyricism into the studio, and great conversations that got me excited about the next generation & his duo group "Zensoul" (J Soulstice & Zen Stokely). This new single "With You" gives an essence of music that echoes urban city influences & respects to the culture of hip hop through the soundscape.

428A9830 3.JPG

Heading 1




Prod by NugLife, teams up with Beast Coast/Underachievers member Issa Gold, on his newest single release "Long Flights". This underground super-collab presents a futuristic boom-bap essence, giving a natural lay-up for Issa Gold's Indigo topics & words of wisdom. Topping off the track with an eclectic/ Neo-expressionist style cover art by A Sims, out of Dallas,TX. This first single release is the kick off for the producer's next collaborative project coming in 2020, which is projected to display an array of vocal artists on NugLifes colorful productions & gritty chopped sound kits.




The producer canvas of "The Beat Dispensary", this project explores the instrumental utopia of NugLife. A variety of hip hop genres and techniques in production & composition that were originally created along side vocal artists. Step into the producer mind of NugLife on this [instrumental] version.


Produced by NugLife, this compilation features underground uprising voices of LA, The Bay Area, New York, London, all over NugLife beats and productions. This is a dispensary of sound, a strain for everyone to vibe and smoke out to. From Boom Bap, Lo-Fi, & Trap sounds with a potent twist of sample chops, blends, and compositions from NugLife as he paints the producer canvas fearlessly. 


The Summer of Nug's saga was a follow up sequel  to "The Beat Dispensary" featuring some of the same similar vocal talents, with a Classic California summertime vibe embedded in the lyrics & instrumentals. The album artwork was done by legendary graffiti artist , "NITE OWL" . NugLife steps up to the plate on this project not only supplying the production landscape, but also featuring vocals on 2 tracks.


Noa James & NugLife assemble like ying and yang to give you a continuation off Noa's "Majestic Travel's" series. NugLife [OGIE] brings a blend of aquatic trap and boom bap sounds with Noa's positively commanding vocals on the tracks. This project displays the true collaborative soundscape of a genuine artist and producer duo. Featuring artists from the IE, LA, Arizona, and more along their travels.
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